Francisco Zúñiga: Brief chronology

1912. December 27, born in Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa Rica. He is the son of Manuel Maria Zúñiga -religious sculptor- and Maria Chavarría.

1935. He works on the Maternidad his most important sculpture from Costa Rica.

1936. He travels to Mexico through Guatemala.

1949. He is included in the book 45 Mexican artists by Virginia Stewart, published by Stanford University Press.

1957. He participates at the annual sculpture show in Mexico City obtaining the acquisition prize with his piece Hamac, carved in Xaltocán stone.

1960. His work is included in the Dictionnaire de la Sculpture Moderne, published by F. Hazan in Paris, France.

1967. First trip to Europe traveling through Spain, Italy, France and Holland.

1969. Misrachi editions publish the first monograph about his work. The first large retrospective of his personal work, takes place at the Modern Art Museum, Mexico City.

1973. He works in his first lithographs in San Francisco, California with Editions Press in the project: Mexican Masters Suite, including works by Cuevas, Tamayo and Siqueiros.

1980. Tucson University in Arizona publishes the book, Francisco Zúñiga, sculptor: conversations and interpretations, by Sheldon Reich. Misrachi editions publish a complete monograph about his work. While exhibiting in London he visits sculptor Henry Moore.

1984. He participates at the Third Sculpture Biennial in Japan and obtains the Kotaro Takamura prize, with his work: Group in front of the Sea.

1986. He becomes a Mexican citizen. A large individual exhibition takes place at the Musée de l’Orangerie and Jardin des Tuilleries, Paris, France.

1987. He becomes a member of the Academy of Arts, Mexico.

1990. Blind, he continues working in High Temperature Ceramics at his studio in Mexico City.

1992. December 18th, he receives the National Award for the Arts in Mexico.

1993. He decides to stop working.

1994. A National Homage exhibition takes place at the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City.

1998. He dies on August 9 at his studio in Mexico City.

1999. Fundación Zúñiga Laborde A.C. publish the first volume of his work’s Catalogue Raisonne

2003. Fundación Zúñiga Laborde A.C. publish the second volume of his work’s Catalogue Raisonne

2006. Fundación Zúñiga Laborde A.C. publish the third and fourth volumes of his work’s Catalogue Raisonne.